• Winter Hair Care

    The chilly air outside is dry and sucks out all the moisture from your scalp and hair, making your hair to feel dry and frail. The drop in temperature your hair and scalp subsequently are unable to retain and absorb moisture this causes dandruff, itchy scalp and can also contribute to increase in hair fall.
  • What Does “Clean Beauty” Mean in 2021?

    What is clean beauty? Where is the clean beauty movement headed? Here’s what you can expect for 2021.
  • Hair Growth Stages

    Understanding the way in which your hair grows is beneficial for achieving fuller, thicker and healthier hair. There are four stages of hair growth.
  • Hair Care Goals

    Your hair is your confidence boost, try to establish the right hair care routine for you. Layer Up! Will always provide the best products for you to conquer the world!
  • Start at the Roots

    The scalp skin is just as important as the skin on your face, from cleansers, exfoiliators, masks, moisturizers, serums, we obsess over the skin on our face but what about our scalp? Layer Up! and make your scalp routine your new obsession!